Fluid Boundaries began as an invitation to examine our relationship to technology using water as a sensory companion. When swimming, we often leave electronics behind. Water operates as a natural conduit for light and reflection. This work considers the dynamics of our experience at the edge. Opaque, transparent or translucent, entering water can delineate both a physical passage and a metaphysical pathway. The point of ingress creates surface tension. A shift in pressure causes liquid to quiver as it is pierced. Air is reduced and then removed. Sound changes; music becomes obscured and redacted. Assisted by the waterscape, this transition opens us to different reflective experiences, sparking introspection about attention, physicality, and mobility in our media-saturated landscape. The project grew out of the artist's introduction to winter swimming near Aarhus, Denmark. Schorr found herself repeatedly drawn to the stark beauty of Ballehage beach in all seasons. Thus began a photographic exploration of water and the reflexive states that it encourages. 


Land to Water. Online to Offline. Life to Death. The ladders in this series delineate points of passage. Schorr frames each photo with watermarked calligraphy created by her uncle and mentor, artist David Schorr, who died in 2018. Translated from Latin, the watermark repeats the mantra, "hail and farewell". 

Date. Time. Temperature. 

Recorded environmental factors reflect the fluctuations of the air and water. Handwritten chalkboards on the beach memorialize nature’s changing rhythms. 

The Texture of Water.

Soft. Hard. Still. Crashing. Sometimes the sea swirls like wisping clouds. Other times, it rages and bubbles as if it has reached the boiling point.