After I relocated to Denmark from the United States, I was clouded by both parental exhaustion and cultural disorientation. At the same time, I became highly attuned to the way my three kids interpreted their surroundings. Massive trees, castles ruins, and forest paths are the background to these years. This was not the landscape of my American childhood, but the plants and landscapes evoked memories of the Scandinavian fairytales that my grandmother, a teacher inspired by the Danish folk schools, had shared with me. Reading recipes for elderflower juice and sampling rhubarb and sugar peas from gardens blurred my sense of past and present. These images, made as my kids grow, consider flashes of children’s agelessness and my experience of being gradually outnumbered by my children and the Danes. -Sarah Schorr

Daughter to Father

Why must things disappear

In order to see them?

Changing the room

Reveals the dust lines

Pepper-light but holding


Two chairs just after 6am

Pencil lines, patter on strings

Hazel eyes watching

Under the first hazy beam

Grapenuts and coffee with milk

Father to Children and Grandchildren (Untitled by Mark Schorr)

If there is a better moment

than a present with you

I have not seen it

If there is a hell

a deep resentment, it is

to be without this present

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