I created a project called Fragility Laboratory/Laboratoire de Fragilité which describes how my extended period of observation in Claude Monet’s garden creates the space for discovering a deeper awareness of the cultivation of fragile life. The project has two facets: 1) cinemagraphs and 2) a peace journal. The cinemagraphs are ovals quivering with small movements that evoke the feeling of a breathing landscape; these cinemagraphs reflect on the quality of near stillness in Monet’s water garden. Each cinemagraph is created by digitally stitching painted and layered photographic images together to encapsulate a shimmering moment of time. The peace journal involves gestures of paint and fallen flowers from Monet’s garden. Each study is a meditation on an ephemeral moment inspired by interviews with the gardeners from Monet’s garden. The journal tries to capture the fleeting quality of light on a flower while recognizing that color, like our emotions, is always in a state of fluctuation.

This project is generously supported by Giverny: The Versailles Foundation Munn Artist Program and The Terra Foundation for American Art.

A sampling of the cinemagraphs as well as early work on the peace journal can be found below. A genesis NFT portfolio edition of the cinemagraphs is available here.  

the winds of healingyour body remembersshifting patterns you feel like the oceanseeing twilight on a thumbnailthe distance between gray and bluewhen you take my handmurmation in my heartlove is longer than timewherever we are is a shore (silver azure violet blue)independent and interdependent (azure blue)time's relentless melt (mercury blue)graphite wave (silver blue)touch in a flood (violet blue)water bed (sea blue)remember us (cerulean blue)peace study, green/pinkpeace study, pale pinkpeace study, blushpeace study, whitepeace study, pale greenpeace study, yellow/greenpeace study, yellow/redpeace study, redpeace study, opalpeace study, violet bluepeace study, lavenderpeace study, purple