The Color of Water: Tides by Sarah Schorr is an investigation of one of our life sustaining elements: water. What is the color of water? The answer is part science and part emotion; the answer is elusive and shifting. Through the dual processes of examining gradations of color and gradations of emotion, Schorr follows the ephemeral refractions of light, mood, and tide in water. 

rip tide
[ rip tahyd ]

a current opposing other currents, producing violently disturbed water; especially the strong, narrow flow of outbound sea water that competes with the avalanche of incoming waves on the shore. loss comes over the body like a riptide. 

ebb tide [ eb tahyd ]

a falling tide. descending through loss, fluttering in a space between high and low water. 

seiche [ say sh ]

a standing wave found after cessation. the seismic force oscillating my heart.

vanishing tide [ van-ish-ing tahyd ]

as high and low tides melt together, the soul and water become one.

harmonic analysis [  hahr-mon-ik  uh-nal-uh-sis ] of tide 

A mathematical equation of sun and moon. What is color when the sun and moon are replaced by a number of hypothetical tide-producing bodies?

harmonic analysis of a tide/harmonisk analyse af tidevandettwilight/tusmørkerip tide/rip tidevandkick/sparkedistance/afstandsublime/sublimhypnotic sea/hypnotisk havebb tide/ebbe tidevandflicker of fireflies/flimmer af ildfluerlast/sidst breathing underwater II/vejrtrækning under vand IIseiche/seichefloat away/flyde vækcastoff/smide udwhen the water went black/da vandet blev sortthe landscape inside/landskabet indenivanishing tide/forsvindende tidevandletting go/give slipvertigo/svimmelhedrespite/pusterumgeography of the body/kroppens geografiholding on/holde fastwhen the water went pink/da vandet blev lyserødtsea stars/havstjerneralgal bloomflame/flamme